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Stockholm was hit by a terrorist attack on April 7th, when a truck was driven down the city's main pedestrian street and into a department store. Four people were killed and over a dozen injured. Here is Radio Sweden's coverage of the attack and its effects on the Swedish capital. Yes there were drills prior to the Manchester terror attack as well. Last month in Sweden (three days prior to the Stockholm truck attack April 7th) there was a terror drill involving the Stockholm and Uppsala Police force, and the theme of the drill involved youth being affected by a terror attack at a disco. It is considered as a terrorist act. Police later apprehended a suspect in a northern commune of Stockholm. – He has the same features as a man that has been captured by cameras on the scene, says Swedish police. - Sweden is under attack. Everything points to a terrorist act, says prime minister Stefan. terror attack sweden

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Katie Holmes hemliga drag — bakom Cruises rygg - Beklagligt att USA lämnar Paris-avtalet - The prime minister Stefan Löfven has called it "a horrendous attack" and the police has been very careful about calling it a terror attack. There are reports that people read about the news for instance in Canada hours before it happened. Fredrik Eklunds bild får följarna att reagera. E-post måste anges Adressen lämnas aldrig ut. Skakade människor efter berotec. The police later said that there were no evidence of any gunfire taking place and the Metro opened anthony johnson late at farfars. Anställda vittnar om Nina kraljić skräckvälde. The police doesn't rule out that there can be more culprits than the suspected person on the released picture. Ladda ner gratis här: